RHINO SHIELD Protect Stain & Sealer is a high performance clear gloss stain. This state of the art clear sealer is a durable, long-lasting protective coating ideal for many surfaces, particularly wood. Protect Stain & Sealer penetrates and seals aged wood as well as bonds to the surface. Revolutionary use of a nanotechnology micro-silicone additive polysiloxane dramatically improves water repellency when compared with the currently available wood sealers. Water repellency is key to protecting the surface from water intrusion and resulting water damage. The result is extended wood lifespan. In addition, by using proprietary advance technology acrylic resit, Protect Stain also offers excellent abrasion resistance from wear and tear of foot traffic. After thousands of hours of accelerated weathering testing, Protect Stain experienced minimal color change which results in superior gloss retention. Gloss retention maintains the beautiful appearance and color of your deck or siding.


Superior short-and long-term water repellency which reduces damage due to water penetration

Excellent stain gloss and color retention thus maintaining a beautiful appearance

Stain penetrates beneath the surface of the wood for long lasting protection and durability

Resists against damaging effects of UV rays

Extends the life of decks and siding avoiding frequent re-staining

Available in unlimited colors

Performance Information

Protect STAIN & SEALER has undergone extensive independent lab testing to confirm its performance as a long-lasting, durable stain. A critical test for any sealer is its ability to repel water and moisture. Rhino Shield Protect was tested to see how little water was absorbed into a typical wood deck board after exposure to UV rays. The chart below demonstrates Protect’s unique ability to keep water from penetrating the coating through the use of a state of the art micronized silicone additive.

ASTM test DS401 compared Protect against other stains. This test subjected coating samples to extensive UV weathering and then 24 hour immersion in water to test the amount of water absorbed in the wood. Protect significantly outperformed the other formulations with only 3.1g absorbed.

Protect seals and blocks the transportation of water throughout the wood by penetrating the surface 1-2 mm deep at the cellular level.

Nanotechnology Advantage

In addition to water repellency, Protect’s revolutionary nanotechnology formula also withstands harmful UV rays unlike most clear stains. This is due to an inorganic polymer additive that reflects UV light preventing coating breakdown. As a result, Protect offers excellent gloss and color retention.